Tetris with a twist - Unity3D (C#)

We were told to make a tetris like game but with a twist.

In this game you can only move the pieces that had already reach the floor and you can switch their colors.

By creating a 2x2 similar color square you eliminate all the pieces that are forming the 2x2 square.

post 02/04/17 - Ángel Ramírez

Hi, I am Ángel Ramírez. I am a twenty one year old programmer specialized in videogames.

I studied one year of computer engineering and two years on ESAT (videogames programming focused university in Valencia). Last year I focused on learning Unity(C#) on my own.

Skills: Unity(C#), C, C++, HTML, CSS, Basic Networking, Quick prototyping, Mobile insutry.

Languages: Spanish navite, English.

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